Mohammed Arif is a Vice President, UI Practice Lead for RBS, a large international banking and financial services company. He is a Web Standards supporter by day and by night. Being a Web Standards supporter, more into Front End Development, Usability and Accessibility. He believes that the new era should be leveraged by web standards where all user agents could behave almost similar.

By instinct, He likes to conceive and create things: Web standards being his biggest professional attribute. He has been into the Web arena since 2000.

He is extremely receptive to the new technologies around the web crafty. He imbibes the best of the breed technologies available with solid understanding of Advance JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Dojo, AMD, AJAX, JSON(P), HTML5, CSS3, SASS etc, he knows about web browsers quirks.

He is working on various projects ensuring website usability through dedication to development and leading from front to other developers in the company and test procedures and close association with clients and developing user friendly web applications.