WordPress vs. TypePad

After investigating for 15 days, need to get the better blogging platform for our client who wins lastly? Guess guys!

Professionally TypePad, due to the client demand because they are not willing to spend money creating new infrastructure like setting up Apache/MySQL for WordPress on their environment.

TypePad doesn’t need all that, they host on their own, and you just need to map your domain in the last to give the pointing URL, sounds better.

There is another Six Apart product called MovableType, based on the same technology, you can configure it on your own server but comparing WordPress its bit tricky to install and relatively larger file size (4MB), MovableType is good for web developers who knows XHTML/CSS etc, MovableType supports plugins too as does WordPress. Anyway TypePad is far better then MovableType due to ease in configuration and their built in support system


Let’s come to the point now, it’s been a month or so using TypePad to me, getting lot more things day by day, might not be aware all the features of TypePad but Read More